Accurately and quickly send orders to the kitchen and POS

Handy Terminal

Intuitive operations contribute to faster operation speeds


Customer entry status screen


Order entry confirmation screen

Wireless staff call system


Notification of customer calls, through sounds and digital signs

Wirelessly records which table placed the call and notifies you using sounds and digital signs.
Customers can easily call staff when they want, allowing them to enjoy their meals without having to pay attention to the store or staff.
Smooth and timely customer service from the staff also increases customer satisfaction.
The display section of the receiver display unit shows the names of up to 15 tables in the order in which calls were received.
Because you can tell at a glance the order in which calls were received, there are no worries about responding to tables out of order.
In addition, the unit can display alphanumeric characters as well as kanji characters.

Kitchen display system


The achievement of increased cooking efficiency and improved service

Information is received from the order entry terminal and orders are immediately displayed.
In contrast to kitchen printers, the large, easy-to-read screen and the display of elapsed time contributes to increased cooking efficiency.
All served orders can be viewed.



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